Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mining Central America

The battle between local communities and business is gaining momentum in Guatemala as a Canadian company plans to re-open a nickel mine despite fierce opposition.

Skye Resources Inc., announced that it will start mining again in 2008, according to an article published by Planet Ark. The company's exploration license covers nearly one hundred square miles, home to over a dozen Mayan Q'eqchi' communities. Mayan locals worry that the mine, which was closed in 1980 because of falling nickel prices, will pollute the surrounding forest and Lake Izabal.

Guatemala is only one country where companies looking to profit from natural resources face challenges. Last year, BBC reported that Ecuadorian tribes vowed to stop oil and natural gas companies from searching their land in the Amazon.

As the world's superpowers search for natural resources in more remote places, it may be up to local communities all over the globe to stand their ground.

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