Tuesday, August 22, 2006


They're invading, and not just the agriculture business. Genetically modified crops, banned by the EU and shunned by much of the environmentalist community, are starting to mingle with natural crops in the U.S.

A few weeks ago, agriculture and food safety authorities found genetically modified (GMO) rice in otherwise untainted rice bins in Arkansas and Missouri, Reuters reported. The experimental strain was concocted by Bayer CropScience, which is now testing whether the GMO strain has permeated long-grain rice ready for export.

Japan doesn't want GMO rice, and either does the EU -- two places where the U.S. exports the commodity. If the GMO strain is found in commercial supplies, the U.S. rice industry could be in for a shock. Even though GMOs don't hurt anyone, says Bayer CropScience, apparently not everyone wants to play with their food.

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nan said...

Yikers bijikers! I'm on the lookout for this!