Monday, December 18, 2006

Smart Kids Eat Their Veggies

Even though most kids tell stories about hiding their Brussel sprouts in their napkins, the smartest ones often end up vegetarians.

According to a new study published in the British Medical Journal, kids with high IQs reported that they are vegetarians in adulthood.

In the study, researchers took the IQs of more than 8,000 kids who were 10 years old. Twenty years later, the researchers polled the study group to see how many reported that they were vegetarians. They found that 4.5 percent were vegetarians, and over 30 percent were vegetarians who ate fish or or chicken.

I must admit that I am in the category of vegetarians who eat fish, which many people don't consider to be a "true" form of veggie. While I agree (to a certain extent), the study showed that there was no difference in IQ between kids who turned out to be vegetarians and those who are now pesce vegetarians, as we are called, or chicken eating vegetarians. I also must admit that I know plenty of people who eat meat and are quite intelligent as well.

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